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  • The S71RX™ Re-Loaded Pearl.
  • The Sphericon™ LD Asymmetric core provides 4–5″ plus of flare potential.
  • Use the Space Time Continuum™ on medium to medium-heavy oiled lane conditions.

The Space Time Continuum™ features an ALL NEW Coverstock concept combined with a tweak of the core found in the Continuum™.

The S71™ Re-Loaded Coverstock uses the base formula found on the popular Honey Badger™ It features enhanced polymerization of the molecular structure. This will significantly increase the overall backend motion of the ball.

The Sphericon™ LD Asymmetric Core features the same shape as the Ellipticon™ core found in the Continuum. The density has been altered to yield a higher RG and lower differential. This will cause the ball to conserve more energy for the backend part of the lane.

Space Time Continuum Tech Specifications

Coverstock: S71™ Re-Loaded Pearl
Finish: 1,500 Grit Polished
Color: Blue/Blac­k/Pink Pearl
Core: Sphericon™ LD Asymmetric
Flare Potential: 4–5lus
Available Weights: 12–16 Lbs
Výrobce: 900 GLOBAL
Cena S DPH: 5 500,00 Kč
DPH: 21%
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill

* Nutné vyplnit

Cena: 5 500,00 Kč
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