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We’re back and ready to crank it even LOUDER!

Last season, we were newbies to the game. But we came out kickin’, put on an impressive show and we’re ready to do it again! There’s no way we could let our awesome fans down. This time around we’re bringing a fresh new look with steady performance in competition and just for fun. So let’s crank it up and have a rockin’ time on this second tour.

Cut from the same core.

You probably would never have guessed that Scream and me share the same DNA. Late Roll 46™ core all the way! And we were born to perform. Stable control down the lane for maximum length, minimal hook potential and intense power that blows the pins away. Our fans can’t get enough, and we’re ready to give them more.

We make this game look good.

Heads turn when I roll in thanks to my 45L™ solid reactive coverstock in Lite and Dark Green, I easily clear the front part of the lane AND react sooner than Scream. BOOM!

Light oil means good times.

Light-oil lanes are our favorite places to perform. Oh yea, Scream and me have mastered delivering great length and control at the break point, especially under dry conditions. And we’re up for playing as long as our fans want us to rock. All night, baby!



Výrobce: ROTO GRIP
Běžná cena S DPH: 4 700,00 Kč
Akční cena S DPH: 2 950,00 Kč
DPH: 21%
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill

* Nutné vyplnit

Běžná cena: 4 700,00 Kč

Akční cena: 2 950,00 Kč

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