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AVAILABLE: March 9, 2018

With an intermediate differential that’s higher than any other ball in its line, the intuitive RAD4 Core provides pro shop professionals more fine-tuning possibilities for bowlers of all styles. At over 10% more midlane read than the Code Red, R2S Solid is a chassis that favors heavy oil. It’s a perfect marriage between cover and core machined to precise specifications to achieve optimal performance no matter the condition you throw at it.

Color: Black/Blue/Purple
Fragrance: Orange Zest
storm_code_x_1_600 storm_code_x_2_600


Nothing like it at all


Radial Accelerating Disk technology dates back several generations with hints of it that can be found in the RAD4 Core. It features an extremely dense modified disc shape that generates substantial torque. So much torque, it reigns supreme at the top of the Premier line with a differential higher than any other weightblock in its class.


Výrobce: STORM
Běžná cena S DPH: 5 900,00 Kč
Akční cena S DPH: 4 990,00 Kč
DPH: 21%
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill

* Nutné vyplnit

Běžná cena: 5 900,00 Kč

Akční cena: 4 990,00 Kč

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