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Manufacturer’s In­tent

Today’s bowler wants to see that ball hook as much as possible. To be honest, most bowler’s really don’t need that much hook. Especially those with higher rev rates. For the Hx05, we wanted to create a ball that performed outstandingly when in the hands of such bowlers.


The Hx05 features one of the most successful cores in the history of Track. The Modified Kinetic core is one of those special cores that rolls good no matter how it’s drilled or who is throwing it. The low rg and differential offers unheard of control and predictability on the lanes.


Controlling the friction on the lane is important to every bowler. Especially those with higher rev rates. This is why we’ve developed our new DR-4 Pearl reactive cover.The DR (Delayed Reponse) covers offer a very clean reaction through the front part of the lane. Level 4 of this cover will match up best on medium to light oil patterns.


The Hx05 is finished with 500/1000 Abra­lon® and polished with our Powerhouse Factory Finish. This finish allows the Hx05 to perform on fresh and broken down patterns equally well. Those needing even more skid through the front part of the lane can achieve it by raising the underlying surface and then repolishing.

 Everyone knows that guys that always seems to be hooking the entire lane when he’s bowling. Is it because he wants to or because today’s bowling ball technology forces him to? Most likely it’s the latter. This is why we’ve developed the Hx05. Higher rev players need a ball designed for their game. One that allows them to throw the ball the way they want to.
DR-4 Pearl
500/1000 grit Abralon® Polished w/Powerhouse
Factor Finish Polish
Lane Condition
Medium to Light Oil
Purple Pearl / Gold Pearl
12–16 LBS
Modified Kinetic
Core Type
12 LB. – 2.60
13 LB. – 2.53
14 LB. – 2.48
15 LB. – 2.49
16 LB. – 2.51
12 LB. – .039
13 LB. – .055
14 LB. – .041
15 LB. – .038
16 LB. – .036
Intermediate Differential


Výrobce: TRACK
Cena S DPH: 4 500,00 Kč
DPH: 21%
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill

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Cena: 4 500,00 Kč
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